About AngioDesign

AngioDesign (UK) Ltd is a drug discovery and development company, registered under the laws of England and Wales, and focused on the design of novel, next-generation drugs for proven disease targets. AngioDesign applies structure-guided and computer-aided drug design to proven disease targets and develops 2nd-generation drugs with superior efficacy and side effect profiles. Utilising AngioDesign's patented technology, NCEs (new chemical entities) are advanced along validated drug development paths with clear blockbuster potential in proven therapeutic areas.

The first class of drugs are next-generation ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitors, which have been designed by structure-guided drug design, using the three-dimensional structure of ACE that was determined by the founders of the company. Current-generation ACE inhibitors are widely used for cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure, heart failure, heart attack, and kidney failure, and have had combined annual sales in excess of $5billion. However, use of current-generation ACE inhibitors is hampered by common side effects. Moreover, we now know that ACE actually consists of two parts (called the C and N domains) with different functions. Therefore, design of specific domain-selective ACE inhibitors is expected to produce next-generation drugs that are safer and more effective.

Next-generation ACE inhibitors will be designed by structure-guided drug design. Numerous drug companies have tried and failed to determine the ACE 3-D structure. With its enabling intellectual property, AngioDesign is in the unique position to undertake the rational design of domain-selective ACE inhibitors. Families of patents and patent applications claiming the 3-D structures of the C and N domains of ACE and their use for rational drug design are exclusively owned by the Company, giving AngioDesign worldwide rights to the design, development and marketing of next-generation domain-selective ACE inhibitors.

There are a number of examples illustrating the blockbuster potential of next-generation drugs that are aimed at validated drug targets. Prominent examples include next-generation oral anticoagulants for the treatment of thrombosis and cardiovascular diseases, and 2nd-generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors for the treatment of leukemia. Further information about these examples and how they relate to the AngioDesign business model can be found here.

The principals of AngioDesign are all former University of Cape Town, University of Bath, Harvard, University of California San Francisco and Oxbridge faculty members or alumni, and have extensive experience in the biotech industry, protein chemistry, structural biology, drug design and development, financial administration and project management.

Preclinical results from a study with our C-domain ACE inhibitor are very significant because they show good BP-lowering activity while at the same time avoiding build-up of a peptide (bradykinin) linked to side effects. These results are preclinical validation of our proposal that novel, next-generation ACE inhibitors can be designed.

As a result of these data, AngioDesign is now in a position to seek development partnerships with one or more biopharmaceutical companies. Development partnerships with biopharmaceutical companies may include licensing and co-development deals and each case will be evaluated by AngioDesign with a view to maximizing the value of its core intellectual property and technology.